The Essence Of Egg

Dog Dish Details

Dogs ate food.  Details at 10:00.

If anyone eavesdropped on the conversation my superhero and I have, the level of banality would exceed all known levels of boredom.  For example, on one recent call, we discussed the nuances of our dogs.  Our dogs are now nearly incapable of eating their twice-daily kibblefest without human food toppings.  The most common option is a sprinkle of grated cheese.  Scrambled eggs, chopped broccoli, or plain pasta also sometimes encourage the dining to commence.  At times, Pompey eats out of Bond’s dish and Bond eats out of Pompey’s dish.  Excitement of this caliber raises the level of trans-hemispheric conversation to epically mediocre amounts.

To enhance this discussion, I capture candid pictures of the excitement, and occasionally record the moment in video.  I plan strategically to send these images at the correct time to avoid a middle-of-the-night alert to go off in Japan.  Who knew posting dog pix required organization and planning?  There’s a reason for this lunacy.  My superhero doesn’t get to spend his free time walking the dogs, watching them wrangle their dishes, let them nudge him with their wet noses.  I know he’s sacrificing the small moments of joy to focus on his professional goals, so I want him to get the breaking news from our home, even if it’s just which dog ate faster.

Fluffy Fluff

If I have time in the morning, I scramble some eggs.  I’m not much of a breakfast girl, and while scrambled isn’t my favorite method of preparation, I love how simple and effortless scramble is in the pecking order of cooking whites and yolks.  The dogs know what this looks like.  They also know when I am boiling water for noodles, or heating broccoli in the microwave.  They’re smart critters.  When eggs reach perfection and I turn off the stove, I turn and find two dogs staring intently at me, waiting desperately for their share of the fluffy morning meal.  It’s a scene I describe to my sweetheart, but one he’s seen previously.

The subject matter, while boring beyond belief, deserves to be shared with my superhero.  Keeping him in the loop on our everyday lives needs to be prioritized, whether on the silly things the dogs do, or how desperately I miss him in the quiet corners of the night.  The importance of these simple moments of our life need to be shared, and how much I try to keep man and his best friend connected needs to be the focus of our conversations.  I want to insure the life we live apart is bridged from one continent to another.  So when the dogs devour their dinners simply because they are licking the essence of egg from their dishes, he deserves to know they ate every last bite as if he were here to witness the moment himself.

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